RS3HOT:Win $10,000 by taking part in the The Deadman Mode Seasonal Tournament
We have witnessed the popularity of Deadman mode these days.For the fake of the long term health of the game mode, Old School team plan to add new change to the game - Seasonal Deadman. A new feature will be introduced in April 2016 to keep Deadman Mode relevant and cheapest RS Deadman gold can help you a lot if you want to make the most of the deadman mode. 

The seasonal servers will last 3 months and the current Deadman service will continue which means that your progress will not be wiped. Community decides additional rules for each season. Chances are that seasonal Deadman could also serve as a sort of "beta testing" server for new pvp gear or new combat mechanics. Old School players are able to implement new weapons, armour, whatever to see how it'd affect the game. If the players decide to put some new pvp item or new combat mechanic into seasonal DMM and it becomes a great hit among the players.

Top 5,000 players in the highscores for each season will enter the Deadman Mode Seasonal Tournament. The Deadman Mode Seasonal Tournament will run for 4 days and the winner of the tournament will be able to get $10,000. You see, this is a nice incentive for new and old players to come together to fight for one simple thing - being the last alive. Yet, this is not a easy task in Deadman mode. You should have enough RS 2007 Deadman gold to help you be the final winner.The idea of Seasonal Deadman is really cool, and you can have fun in the same game mode with new changes. You can even get $10,000 if you are the best one in Deadman mode. If you want to be the last winner of the game, you should make sure to buy cheapest 2007 RS Deadman gold on RS3hot to help you. 

Good Luck!!!
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