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After the release of the Rejuvenating the Wilderness, many players expressed their opinions about that. In general, it's definitely a great update for players. However, there is still something needs to be updated according to players' various feedback. By the way, if you need cheap rs 07 gp, you know where to find some.
Respective drop tables for demi bosses
Although they are only demi bosses, they still own some unique items. Don't they deserve respective drop tables? There should be a drop table for the crazed archaeologist's fedora. 
Meanwhile, the chaos creature pet can also be added as a rare drop to the chaos fanatic and the chaos elemental's drop table without replacing any existing drops on the drop table.
Upgrade the fountain of rune
To be honest, the fountain of rune really needs to e upgraded. There are two ideas collected from players. 
First one is to allow players to charge their amulet of glory on the fountain of rune so it receives 5 charges instead of the usual 4. For doing this, you need to have completed Heroes Quest as the basis. Also, you may need to notice that it won’t work on noted amulets of glory. 
Another idea for using the fountain of rune is to allow the ring of wealth to be charged there so it gives you 5 charges to teleport to four new locations, including Miscellania, Varrock town square, Falador Park and to Dondakan in the Keldagrim mine.
New drop for the lava dragons
You will have chance to meet with another drop for the lava dragons, which is a lava dragon scale using for making extended antifire potion. This is a new drop for the lava dragons in addition to the buff they are already receiving. 
The potion you made can be traded, and you need level 84 herblore to make the potion by using this drop.
There are also some updates needs your decision. You are the core who can help the wilderness to be better and better. If you are lacking of old school runescape gold, we can always provide you with a huge stock of old school rs gp for sale for helping you in the game!
~The Rs3hot Team

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