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Are you a member of old school runescape? If not, do you want to become an old school runescape member without paying anything? There are lots of benefits to become an OSRS member. Jagex has launched 14 days old school rs Member's Trail recently, which can be your best chance to become an old school rs member for free.


Requirements of being an OSRS member

According to the trail, newly created free RS 2007 accounts are being offered 14 days free membership with certain limitations. The membership trial is completely free and no credit card is required. The only limit the trial has is the storage. Say you make 500 arrow shafts, you can only store 300. It’s like that with all members items in the trial. As for trade limit, it is there if it is a new account because new RS 2007 accounts always have trade limits.


Benefits of being an OSRS member

1. Go to more places


As a member, you will have more places to go into. There are many new locations, dungeons, and cities that are only available to OSRS members.


2. Access to more quests & Get more rewards


Although f2p players have a great many of RS07 quest to do, but p2p players have even more. Many of these members-only quests have better rewards or provide more challenges than those available to free players. A lot of the specific holiday quests and special event quests are only available to members as well, so if you want to experience all of the stories and adventures in old school runescape, you have to join.


3. More skills to level up & More chance to earn OSRS gold


There are more skills available for members than for free players. These skills give players more ways of enjoying the world of old school rs plus more abilities and strategies to use when fighting their enemies. Usually they can level up their OSRS account faster and make more RS07 money.


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Come on guys, seize the chance to create your free 14 days RS membership account now!


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