RS3HOT:Guides to Help You Increase Rune Value with New Rune Goldberg Machine
You can now use Wizard Goldberg's Rune Goldberg Machine to improve your Rune value speedily.More importantly,the rune value update goes just as voted in the Skill Update player power poll last year. Now along with rs3hot team and see how you can get as much vis wax as you can with different rune types.
Three steps for you to get vis wax.
1. Fill up Rune Goldberg Machine with rune. You can put any type of rune into any of the slots except for Armadyl runes. Be aware that different runes in different slots will yield different amounts of vis wax.
2. Doing an experiment by filling up the machine with combinations of three runes. Since the amounts of vis wax will be affected by different rune into different slots, it’s important that you can do an experiment before you put all your runes into the slots.
3. Click “combine” on the interface, and you will see how much wax you would get with that combination.
So easy for getting vis wax! But you need really be aware of the fact that there’s no fixed daily best-in-slot rune. Then better do an experiment.
Why should you get most vis wax in game?
RS3hot team suggest you to get as much vis wax as you can, but why should you do this? That’s because you can find the vis wax with a lot of unique uses in game. Now catch a glimpse of the cool functions of vis wax.
Cool function 1: Extend or reset your auras.
Cool function 2: Increase your divine location gathering limit.
Cool function 3: Extend or reroll daily challenges.
Now since you have known of how amazing the vis wax is, why not try to get some instantly?Rs3hot would like to offer you best rs 3 gold to support you all the time. Look forward to see your achievements in RuneScape.
The Rs3hot Team

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