Rs3hot:Enjoy August In Old School RuneScape, Here You Go.


August has arrived, and have you got any plans for August? In order to let you have a wonderful August, here is a list of what you can enjoy in August Old School RuneScape. Come on! Get yourself ready ahead of time.


Future polls will be held in August OSRS



1. Bounty Hunter Target system: As you have discussed before, there will be a poll for Bounty Hunter Target System, and you will be able to decide if the system will make an appearance in old school. 

With the Bounty Hunter Target system, you will be able to assign a target within several combat levels of your own when stepped into a PvP area in old school. 

2. In-game polls: In-game polls will also be making an appearance in next week's poll, allowing you to decide if you want the ability to take part in the regular content polls from inside the game.

3. Final Artisan poll: Since we have discussed such a long time, the final Artisan poll is eventually going to come out.


Corporeal Beast will be released in August old school runscape

The Corporeal Beast is the physical incarnation of the Spirit Beast, and is a very powerful boss monster. Since there are lots of players who asked for releasing the Corporeal Beast in old school, Jagex is now going to launch their plans about the Corporeal Beast in August old school rs, and your feedback will be really important. Stay tuned.


The winners of Clan Cup in OSRS will come out later in August

Since the start of the Clan Cup battles have been raging on every Saturday and the finals are fast approaching, the winners of each cup will be announced later in August. Besides, the winners will commemorate forever with their in-game relics.


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