Rs3hot:New Barbarian Assault Redux, And New Rewards.


As Barbarian Assault becomes more and more popular, Jagex has given a hint to remove the limit to penance gear, and announced Penance King’s mechanics will never be published before August 28. But it is a player that shares his experience with Penance King on Reddit.

More Penance rewards replace Penance King’s mechanics

Jagex has launched a poll to decide whether players should purchase more than one Barbarian Assault rewards. Currently, the game will not allow you to purchase one of the non-tradeable Barbarian Assault rewards if you have already owned one. For example, if you have got one Fighter Hat, you will not be allowed to purchase another.


But Jagex has also claimed that the Penance King’s mechanics will never be published on Runescape wiki before August 28. In spite of it, players who have experienced this minigame are eager to share something new with others.


Quick guide to Penance King from a player

There is a guide to defeat Penance King from a player who has fought with Penance King. He has concluded that players should focus on building Flamethrowers abd torching the pest.


Build Flamethrowers


Step 1: Take Poisoned Meat from the food dispenser on the west.


Step 2: When the King says that he Hungers, drop Posioned Meat.


Step 3: He will Puke items, differing for each role. Also the healers have to pick up the puke with Buckets which are provided.


Step 4: Make him Puke 5 times and collect 5 of each item.


Step 5: Repair the items in the east, then deposit all in west. Now activate Flamethrowers which is done.


Torch the Pest


Step 1: Punch the Penance King in the Face until he drops a scroll.


Step 2: When everyone has a Scroll, Inspect it. There are 5 Different ones, which must be read in a certain ORDER!


Step 3: after reading out the scrolls in the right order, you can click your scroll when it’s your turn!


Step 4: torch it until the ground cracks.


Step 5: Repeat the Activation Ceremony. Note that Scroll order changes, and King’s damage increases.


In addition, you should use Resonance to block Spawns and damage dealt by the King, rather than hitting too much, and writing “Burning you Pest” while torching him can deal triple damage. Are you ready to meet the challenge of Penance King? Buy RuneScape 2007 cheap gold at Rs3hot can gain triple reward points now.




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