Buy OSRS-Full void set with 3 helmet(Combat Lvl 70-138)

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  • Need Time : 4hours


    OSRS-Fire Cape(70+ranged, 40+def)

    Requirements:43+ prayer,1~2M gold Required. Completion time: 2-4 Hours.

  • Need Time : 10hours

    Requirements: 42+strength, 42+attack, 42+defence, 42+magic, prayer 22+


  • Need Time : 3-5 Minutes
  • Need Time : 12hours
    Requirements: 42+strength, 42+attack, 42+defence, 42+magic, prayer 22+
  • Need Time : 12Hours


    OSRS-Fighter torso

    Requirements: 70+ combat, 40+ defense, rune armour sets or better.

    Completion time:12hours

  • Need Time : 3-5hours


    Started Desert Treasure, started Restless Ghost


    Items required

    Ring of visibility

    Ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2 or above

    3-5 energy potions would help

  • Need Time : 3H

    Skills: 60+ ranged, 1 defense, 43+ prayer, 50+ HP (hit points)


    Requirements: Coif, Red dragonhide set > Monks robe top, Climbing boots > Leather boots, Magic shortbow, 4000 Rune arrows, 16 Super restore potion (4), 4 Ranged potion (4), 7 Saradomin brew (4), 400 Purple sweets, Amulet of glory, Ava's accumulator or any God cloak.


    Time: It takes 2-4 hours.

  • Need Time : 10hours


    OSRS-Dragon defender

    Requirement: high combat lvl 70+, Completion time: 10Hours

  • Need Time : 4-5hours

    Items: coif, blue dragonhide set >Monks robe top,  climbing boots > leather  boots , 6000 rune arrows, 16 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 7 saradomin brew (4),500 sweets (for Pure) amulet of glory, avas > cloak. 

    Time: It takes 5-8 hours.


    DO NOT need your bank pin! Please put all the required items in your inventory and armors and arrows/bolts weirded.

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