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Need Time: 4Hours
Quest Points: 2
Skill: 40 Thieving, 49 Farming, 57 Herblore.
Quest: Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains.
2 Quest Points
2,500 Thieving XP
3,500 Herblore XP
Fairy lamp (2,500 XP in any skill)
Access to use all Fairy Rings

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  • Need Time: 5Hours
    Quest Points: 2
    Skill: Level 25 Farming.
    Quest: Creature of Fenkenstrain.
    2 Quest Points.
    5,000 Farming XP.
    1 Acorn, 1 Apple Tree Seed, 5 Guam Leaf Seeds, and 1 supercompost potion(4).
  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 1
    Skill: Level 30 Crafting.
    Quest: Demon Slayer, The Golem.
    1 Quest Point.
    10,000 XP to a chosen combat skill (excluding Prayer).
    Darklight Sword.
  • Need Time : 3hours

    Quick Overview

    Time: 2 hours.


    Required Skills:

    Level 69 Slayer, Level 70 Crafting, Level 60 Hunter, Level 55 Agility, Level 55 Thieving


    Required Quests:

    Enlightened Journey (you must unlock the grand tree destination for Balloon transport system and level 60 firemaking is a requirement), 

    The Eyes of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei, Troll Stronghold, Watch tower.



    Access to Crash Site Caverns

    Ability to communicate with monkeys in Ape Atoll without the M'speak amulet

    Access to Ape Atoll without the use of Monkey greegrees

    Access to Ape Atoll bank and Javelin store

    25,000 Slayer XP

    20,000 Agility XP

    15,000 Thieving XP

    15,000 Hunter XP

    2 x 50,000 XP Rewards from Duke in your choice of Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defence, Strength, or Hitpoints. Found on the hill east of main gate.

    A Royal seed pod which provides unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree.

    A Monkey can be found in one of the crates at the Crash Site. It is purely cosmetic and can be equipped in the cape slot.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 4.

  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 2
    Skill: 32 Agility, 20 Crafting
    Quest: Jungle Potion.
    2 Quest Points
    3,875 Crafting XP
    Access to Shilo Village
    Shortcut from Brimhaven to Shilo Village (Cart ride)
  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 3
    Skill: 20 Crafting, 40 Smithing, 7 Magic.
    Quest: Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost.
    3 Quest Points.
    1,000 Crafting XP, 1,000 Prayer XP.
    Ability to use Enchanted Key.
  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 2
    Skill: 15 Agility, 30 Cooking, 5 Fishing.
    Quest: Jungle Potion.
    2 Quest Points.
    2500 Attack XP, 2500 Strength XP, 5000 Fishing XP, 5000 Cooking XP.
    2000 GP.
    Rune Spear (kp).
    Ability to recharge Prayer at the `Tribal statue`, purchase Karambwan and Karambwan Vessels from Tiadeche, properly cook and fish Karambwan and correctly cook marinated Jogre Bones.
  • Need Time: 4Hours
    Quest Points: 3
    Gold: 300K
    Quest: The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village.
    3 Quest Points
    10,000 GP, Training attack & defence: 35,000 Attack XP, 20,000 Strength XP, 35,000 Defence XP, and 20,000 Constitution XP. Training Strength and Stamina: 20,000 Attack XP, 35,000 Strength XP, 20,000 Defence XP, 35,000 Constitution XP, 3 Cut diamonds
    Ability to purchase and wield the Dragon Scimitar
    Access to Crash Island and Ape Atoll.
  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 1
    Skill: 31 Prayer.
    1 Quest Point.
    6,625 Strength XP.
    Ability to have Thormac enchant Battlestaves for 40,000GP.
  • Need Time: 3Hours
    Quest Points: 5
    Skill: 25 Agility
    5 Quest Points
    18,400 Attack XP
    7,900 Agility XP
    2,150 Magic XP
    Ability to use the Tree Gnome Gliders
    Access to the mine under the Grand Tree
  • The Feud $4.99
    Need Time: 5Hours
    Quest Points: 1
    Skill: 30 Thieving.
    1 Quest Point.
    15,000 Thieving XP.
    500 GP.
    Adamant Scimitar.
    Willow and Oak Blackjack

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