Scam Warning

An increasing number of people are playing RuneScape and unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, more and more in-game scams are occurring. Some of our customers have let us know that this has happened to them and in order to make every one of our customers more aware about them, we have decided to help. Below you will find some of the most common tricks and scams used by people in the game. If we come across other new scams we will post them here. 

Note: WE WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU IN THE GAME AFTER TRADING. If anyone PM’s you and asks for your RS Gold after you have received it, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM. They are definitely trying to scam you.
Note: DON’T BELIEVE THEM. Jagex never pretend to their players, so you don’t worry about it and DO NOT give your Gold or Items to them.
Note: DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Your trading is always 100% safe and no one knows you were trading with us in the game. If come across such a situation the best thing to do is ignore them and report the person to us.
All the character names involved in these screenshots were made by Rs3hot. Click Live Chat for more information.
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The Rs3hot Team Scam Warning :

In order to avoid any scams and being cheated, Hereby, We like to list Official Rs3hot Email Address and MSN which you can trust are as below:



Good4Rs Official Paypal Email: [email protected]

Customer service: [email protected]

Complaint service: [email protected]

If you want to confirm if an Email or MSN belongs to Rs3hot,

Please Email to  [email protected] confirm or 24*7 Livechat confirm


About Order

1. Once your order has been submitted, Contact 24/7 Live Chat!

2. 24/7 Live Chat is THE ONLY SAFE place to deal with orders!

3. We NEVER ask for the Gold back for ANY REASON after delivery!

4. Haven't Received Gold Yet? Keep game chat on and contact us!

5. Don't disclose order infomation to anyone through skype,ingame...

6. Rs3hot guarantee your personal info 100% secure and legit!

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