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  • Awesome!
    30m gold delivered in a minute awesome job guys thanks - Ian! Thank you for your support to us
  • Meilanie
    I though this site was a scam. I had $10 to spare in case i got scammed. But it worked 100%. Fast delivery, actually! Thank you for your support to us
  • Legit
    Fast and safe, thank you Thank you for your support to us
  • KC123
    Very efficient delievery within 3-5 mins Thank you for your support to us
  • good job
    I'm completely newbie on runescape and still these guys patiently guided me where to go and waited for me 5/5 service Thank you for your support to us
  • Kushils dad
    I bought 15m they gave me it straight a way very good and very fast Thank you for your support to us
  • Zanarited
    Very amazing price, love there work, delivery is alright. Thank you for your support to us
  • RageKadje
    Second time I've ordered through them, bought 20M and had it within 5 minutes great, fast service! Thank you for your support to us
  • Good as before!
    very fast and reliable service - trustworthy and security is very good!!!!! A++++++++ Ty For your reback!!
  • Amazing site.
    Very easy to buy from and fast delivery. Will use again :) thanks , have a good time !
  • Everything is great
    Cheap & Fast Thanks For RS3HOT Thank you for your support
  • Awesome service
    Bought 10M off this site and got it in an instant, Great service, very friendly. Thanks for your recommending,
  • Kurt
    This site looks legit, will certainly give them a try soon, much cheaper then the official way to purchase. (damn greedy developers!) Thank you for your support to us
  • Is this real?
    i wonder if this is real. are people really posting ? Yes, they are really posting :) No worries!
  • Price is so cheap
    Thank you for reducing the diamonds price to 13.99. I found the price has been recovered now. I am expecting your next event :) Thank you for your support to us
  • Patient
    I messed up and didn't do the process correctly and they were very helpful and made sure the order was filled. Well worth it. P.S These testimonies are real. Thank you for your support to us
  • Well Done!
    I made an order of 20 Neverwinter gold and I received it within 10 minutes. They really did a good job. I will come back to buy more in the future. Thank you for your support to us
  • Price is so cheap
    very good, bought 2.5m and delivary was before 10mins!!! Hey,juleshiithanks for your support.

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2. 24/7 Live Chat is THE ONLY SAFE place to deal with orders!

3. We NEVER ask for the Gold back for ANY REASON after delivery!

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5. Don't disclose order infomation to anyone through skype,ingame...

6. Rs3hot guarantee your personal info 100% secure and legit!

Recent Feedback

  • king giovas
    i am very happy with customer service - great work
  • ordered with leo
    super fast as always thanks
  • quick service
    order received very quickly. thanks leo
  • Dealt with Leo
    Super fast service thanks to Leo. will use again. thanks
  • Simple, easy and effective
    Brilliant service, the promised amount and no messing about. Would recommend.
  • Wouter: Quick service and good support!
    Had a great experience with power levelling and gold order. even when there were some problems I was compensated. They handled my orders tiwce in 2 weeks, both were quick and as promised!
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