RS3HOT:Easiest Way to Get 99 Agility in RuneScape


Here the the guide of how to get 99 agility in runescape.Might not be fastest but it iz easiest init.

Items needed:

Agility pots,Cakes,Super energy pots,Coins,Teleport to ardougne.Boot of lightness,Spottier cape



Gnome stronghold agil corse.

Its like the easiest thing to do init. And not that many times round.

Required for 22,406 agility exp: Gnome Course: 261 261 Times round till lvl 35 

*Roughly about 2.2 hours*

Or from level 1 you can do quests to get you up to 30.

Tourist trap [9.3k xp]

Grand tree [7.9k xp]

Both of the quests & 66 times round will get you 35 agility ready for the next course.


From here i suggest you go and do the Barbarian agility course.

Requires 35 agility to enter and Barcrawl minigameto start.

Once you can enter i suggest you wear boots of lightness and your spottier cape and i suggest you just do the "Crumbling wall" bit until about 38 agility. Then from 38 agility i advise you to go back to the bank withdraw some cakes and super energy pots and go back to the course, But this time use the whole way around because you are less likely to fall as 35 agility.

From 38-45 you will go round 223 times.

(14:31:28) -[RD]RuneScript- Required for 31,104 agility exp: Barbarian Course: 223 After youve done that tele to ardougne and steal some cakes *REBELZZ*


From levels 45-49 i suggest you go to Brimhaven.

You need to pay 200gp to enter. You will need about 6 agility pots (4) dose. About 4 Super energy pots and the rest cakes. [Cakes because lighter than sharks ] Once you have them pay the parrot an get agility'ing. On your minimap you will see an arrow pointing somewhere, Try and follow it. Once you found the post with the arrow above it click it. Then when it moves again click the next post. Each time you click a post you get a agility ticket which gives you 240xp each minimum but i suggest you wait till you have 125 of these and then cash them in, because when you have 125 you will have enough for 49 agility .


This is where it gets fun, You will need to start off in magic bank in wildy . Once you get there withdraw;

Boots of lightness

Spottier cape


1 Agility pot is a must

Cakes / Sharks or Lobs

Super energy pots

From here just keep going around the course . If you fall into the pit below go northeast to the ladder and REDO the bit you fell off on until you pass it. [If you dont you dont get your extra 500 xp per lap]

14:42:13) -[RD]RuneScript- Required for 645,906 agility exp: Wilderness course: 1,132 You will need to get to at least 70 before moving onto the next course.

*Beware of pkers they tend to hang round there *


From here i suggest doing Monkey Madness for the Ape Atoll agility course.

You will need;

Monkey Greegree

Cakes / Sharks / Lobs


Knife [To cut pinapples for free food ]

And get to work with it!! Go in order like in wildy course. At level 75 you pretty much won't fail the course .

Required for 12,296,804 agility exp: Ape Atoll: 21,202 See not all that bad isit? 

500 times a day maybe depends how much you play. So about 40days+ from 70-99 

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The RS3HOT Team

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