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To almost all oldschool runescape players, the Corporeal Beast has made an influential impact. According to the latest statistics, over 28,000 corps were killed and 50 sigils appeared by now. One of the most concerned issues for all OSRS players, the amount of looters in Corp’s cave, came to be changed with the new gaming update.


Change on how death works in the Corp’s cave.

As mentioned above, over 28,000 Corps were killed and 50 sigils appeared. No wonder that this shows a fantastic day for the most difficult Old School Boss. However, one annoying thing is that the Corp heals and how much it should heal don’t match well very.

When Corp heals, it looks at the amount of players in the cave and decides how much it should heal. However, it’s obvious if there are loads of looters who are not trying to kill Corp, it makes defeating this beast much more difficult. That’s not fair, isn’t it?

Your loot in the cave will not appear to anyone else!

To make this a little bit fair, now Jagex has made a change on how death works in the Corp’s cave. That is, when you die in the cave, your loot, including your untradeable stuff will not appear to anyone else. Beware, it will appear to you for two minutes only. Though short it may be, it is the time that you return to Corp to collect your items and assuming you have a games necklace you should be able to return in under a minute, but if you haven’t a games necklace, you are going to be unlikely to get back in time.

System administration team are working hard.

It’s badly true that the recent network issues have done harm to some RS fans. Fortunately, the system administration team are working hard to identify and mitigate the attacks on the network while work continues to identify those who are responsible. May our oldschool runescape be better and better.

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