RS3HOT:Five Easy And Fast Steps to Train Your RuneScape Defense Skill
Do you know how to train your defense level quickly?Now follow RS3HOT,you will know it.
step 1-create your character.
yeah, this one is pretty easy. just go through tutorial island, and make sure you don't level up strength. Attack, it doesn't really matter.

step 2-level up attack
This one is also pretty easy. head to varrock and attack the dummies until lvl 8 attack.

step 3-get your armour
again, relatively easy. get your character enough money to buy full iron, full steel, full mith, and an iron and steel scimmy. you might want to buy him some food, but that's optional.please note-for your convienance later, you might want to buy several sets of the mith armour, because you will probably lose a few, and buying them back gets tedious. to afford them, try collecting a bunch of bones or cowhides, they sell well on the ge. don't forget to collect runes from the mage tutor every 30 minutes.

step 4-preparing for the long haul
this step is a little hard, but not really. put on your full iron + iron scimmy, and head to the monastary (north-west of barbarian village, west of edgeville, south of wildy, watever). Train your attack up to 10 on the monks, and start using your steel scimmy. you can do watever with your iron scimmy, it doesn't matter. it's only 200 gp. now, here it probably the most tedious part. once you hit 10 attack, you need to switch what your training to defence. Now sit on your chair and watch your character get to level 20 def. once he gets there, put on mith armour, and sell the steel and iron (if you want. if you don't want the money, just drop 'em.)

step 5-Getting your def from 20-whatever high level you want
This is by far the longest step, yet it isn't very difficult. your stats should be as follows (if they aren't, start over):


you should be wearing full mithril armour, and wielding a steel scimmy. You should be standing in the monastary, sorrounded by monks and players fully prepared to call you a noob. make sure your method of attack is set to the bottom right option, so you are training your defence level.

attack a monk. If you did things right, the monk will never die, because you never land more than a 1, and monks heal themselves. you can leave your computer alone at this point, just make sure you don't get hit by a random. I also leave something on one of my arrow keys so that the view is spinning (this keeps you logged in). Also, if you somehow start to run low on health (this will never be a problem after like 35 def), you can run a little, then talk to one of the monks. they will heal you for free. 

If you die (you shouldn't), you can do a few things:
-if you bought multiple sets of mith armour, just grab a set and head back to the monastary
-if you didn't, go collect bones to sell at the ge until you can affore the armour/weapons your missing
-if you didn't, you can also collect and tan cowhides until you have enough money.

once you hit the target defence level, you can do a few things:

-have fun in bounty hunter
-level up attack and strength very easily (level up attack first)
-walk around in full dragon/elf crystal with a combat in the mid 50's
-enjoy answering anyone asking you for your def/str/cb levels.

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The RS3HOT Team 

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