RS3HOT:New Private Chat Feature to Clear Your Private Message History
There is a new private chat feature to clear your private message history in the OSRS update. And it has a new options menu for graphics and interface settings to help keep the settings tab nice and simple. Let's jump into the details.
Private message management and setting tab seems less important for game play. But actually, these two tiny trifles have severely disrupted game play experience in Oldschool Runescape. And Jagex has to find an easy way to clear chat history, and also add new options for other toggles replaced by resizable mode in setting tab. Thus, people can concentrate on fights for runescape 2007 gold.
Right Click to Clear Chat History
You can now clear your private message history by right clicking the private chat stone beneath the chatbox and selecting 'clear history'. This can be used to quickly and easily clear up any old private messages that are lingering for a bit longer than necessary.For me, it is a very useful update to clear chat history with right clicking. In the past, players felt annoyed when 1/3 of the screen was full of private chat log, or when they had to re-log or put chat off to resolve it. It is a real suffering in fact.
However, a change takes place to private message history. Now, players can right-click the private chat stone beneath the chatbox and select “clear history”. It is effective to clear up old private messages that are lingering for a bit longer than necessary.
Advanced setting menu
With the release of resizable mode the settings tab was getting a little full. In order to reduce clutter in the menu, and to allow more room for more graphics toggles, we've separated out some interface and graphics options into an 'advanced options' menu. You can access this by clicking the 'advanced options' button found inside the settings tab.
Out of the reason, Jagex has done a good job to add an “advanced option” for some interface and graphics options. And players can quickly access them by clicking the “advanced option”, and close the side-panels by the hotkeys when suing resizable mode.
In addition to the above two updates, the extra GE slots are a work in progress, and will come soon, Jagex confirmed. Additionally, further details about Deadman Mode, upcoming game mode in RS 2007, will be unveiled next week continuously. To return, you now can test the above updates in game. If you need rs gold in the game, you can purchase cheap runescape 2007 gold on RS3HOT. Enjoy in the game!
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