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As a Runescape player,what kind of skilling pet you want to get?Want to get a skilling pet in 2007 Runescape even you know skillers have a slim chance to get a skilling pet? It is really cool to have one of these pet follow you around in game, however, it is not that easy to get one. The chances of getting a skilling pet are dependent on the player's skill level, and the time it takes to gather a resource. Here are the skilling pet drop rates in Old School Runescape.

Beaver Drop rate

Tree: 317,647

Oak: 361,146

Willow: 289,286

Teak: 24,336                                                  

Juniper: 360,000

Maple: 221.918

Hollow: 214,367

Mahogany: 220,623

Arctic pine: 145,758

Yew: 145,013

Magic: 72,321



Heron Drop rate

Shrimo/Anchovies: 435,165

Sardine/Herring: 528,000

Karambanji: 443,697

Big Net: 382,609

Salmon/trout: 461,808

Pike: 305,792

Rainbow: 137,739





Barbarian: 426,954

Shark: 82,243

Trawler: 5,000


Dark carb:148,434

Sacred eel: 99,000



Baby Chinchompa drop rate

Grey Chinchompas: 131,395

Red Chinchompas: 98,373

Black Chinchompas: 82,758


Rock Golem Drop rate

Clay: 741,600

Copper/Tin: 741,600

Blurite: 741,600

Limestone: 741,600

Iron: 741,600

Silver: 741,600

Coal: 290,640

Lovakite: 245,562

Sandstone: 741,600

Gold: 296,640

Gem Rocks: 211,886

Granite: 741,600


Adamantite: 59,328

Runite: 42,377

Motherlode: 247,200

If you are luckily enough to get one in game, make sure to have your pet insured. You can do this by paying one-time fee of 500,000 coins to Probita in East Ardougne. You can 1,000,000 RS 2007 gold if you lost it in game. Since it is not easy to get a skilling pet, so it is wise for you to insure your skilling pet if you have one.If you are in need of OSRS gold for a skilling pet, you can always buy RS 07 gold cheap on Rs3hot.  Besides, you can bookmark and get 10% discount code on our site.Have Fun!

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