RS3HOT:The Details of Five Families of Great Kourend and Cheap OSRS Gold on RS3hot
As we all know,Zeah is a new continent that is coming to Oldschool Runescape on January 7th, 2016 and the magnificent city of Great Kourend is the first place you will visit. In the Great Kourend, you can explore its streets and discover lots of unique skilling content, so it is wise for you to buy RS 2007 gold cheap on RS3hot to make preparation for the new continent. Great Kourend is home to five housed, you should choose which side to stand with.

House Hosidus is a family that is extremely involved in Farming and Cooking. 2 new farming minigames will be available in this house. In one you push a plow for farming xp and the other is the Tithe Minigame. You will also need to do cooking minigame and cook for hungry soldiers and do other necessary jobs to gain cooking XP.

House Archeus is a family that is involved and powerful with magic. This house features Soul and Blood Runecrafting Altar. Runes must be created using Dark Essence which is untradeable. Necromancy is a Spellbook used to train prayer through magic. Here you can also find The Great Library of House Archeus which will reveal a hefty amount of lore.

House Lovakengy is a family that is talented in the art of industry. Be extremely careful when traveling through House Lovakengj since their city is extremely poisonous. Blast mining will be used to blow out large portions of a wall, generating massive amounts of ore. You will pick up the ore, take it to an NPC, and this NPC will clean it. A new, mysterious, pink-colored ore that has no confirmed uses.

House Piscarillius is a family that is inherently tied to the sea. Building of House Piscarillius is made up with the old ship materials and having 4 or more families living in a house only a few stories tall. They are likely the first family you will end up meeting.

House Shayzian is deeply tied to combat. Combat grounds which will introduce a new magic kit, melee kit, and the dragon warhammer. It is not confirmed if this is coming with batch 1. Training grounds agility course. It may not be very good XP, but it has been confirmed to give favor points within House Shayzian.

Hope our guides can help you decide which side you will like to choose. In order to ensure you can make the most of the new content, you can consider buying cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RS3hot.Have fun!!

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