RS3HOT:The Introduction of the RuneScape Prayer Guide in F2P


The only major goals that F2P can hit in Prayer are being able to use the Protect Prayers at level 37 for Protect from Magic, 40 for Protect from Missiles (Range), and 43 for Protect from Melee. At level 45 you will be able to use all the F2P Prayers (up to Mystic Might). Level 99 is a rather unrealistic goal for this skill if you are training in F2P and there is nothing much else to achieve in Prayer other than being able to use prayer longer.



There is no Prayer level requirement for burying any bones so the best way to get your level up is only using the best bones from the start. The best bones to bury in F2P are Big Bones, they give 15 experience each. You can either buy them if you have plenty of money to spend on them (prices vary, but in any case they are expensive to buy in bulk), or kill various larger creatures (Hill Giants are most commonly killed for Big Bones) if you have a good combat level and aren't in much of a hurry.


It will take 3,356 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 43 (with Regular Bones it will take 11,187). It will take 4,101 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 45. It will take 868,963 Big Bones to get from level 1 to level 99.


Normal (tons of creatures) and Burnt Bones (Greater Demons) give 4.5 experience each. Monkey Bones (Karamja Monkeys) give 5 experience each. Lesser and Greater demons drop accursed ashes, which give 13.5 experience when scattered. 


If you happen to be killing Lesser or Greater demons, think about carrying around accursed urns, which can be crafted at level 26 crafting from clay. These urns will automatically collect your ashes and, when teleported away, give 15 experience per ash instead of 13.5 experience per ash.


You can also just pick up regular bones at the chicken coop east of Lumbridge if you want to get free experience that's fast for low levels, but after about level 30 it's really slow. And in case you really want to know, it takes 2,896,541 regular bones until 99.


If you are serious about training prayer in freeplay, you should cremate bones. By far the best method of training your prayer in freeplay is through cremating bones. Cremating bones requires you to use bones on a bonfire (can be yours or somebody else's). This will give you 2.5x the experience you normally would get from burying them. For big bones you would get 37.5 experience. You will also get some firemaking experience.


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