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Old School RuneScape Bounty Hunter is now available!! You super OSRS fans can take part in this New Bounty Hunter and to win amazing rewards. Meanwhile, we have a good news to tell, OSRS Gold buying via credits cards makes your purchasing on RS3HOT faster and easier.


What can you gain from New Bounty Hunter in OSRS?

With some new changes in the Bounty Hunter, now you can get fantastic rewards from it. The important reminder for you is that OSRS community has made it clear that they would like to add more variety for you, so why don’t you give the Bounty Hunter a try and see what you can get from the New Bounty Hunter.


Buy RS 2007 gold to get Fantastic RS items:

1.Saradomin’s tear: If you have got 25,000,000 bounties, you can get the precious Saradomin’s tear to deals one attack with a 25% damage increase. Ps, you may want to get a Saradomin sword too, then don’t miss this.

2.Cosmetic upgrade kits: Unrevealed in the initial poll, the cosmetic upgrade kits include items like Dragon Pickaxe, Stream battlestaff, Odium ward and Malediction Ward. 

3.Magic Shortbow buff: As to this item, you can get this small buff to take the range bonus up to +69 to +75. It’s quite worth of spending your gold to get it, isn’t it?

4.Wilderness Boss emblem drops: The last comes the wilderness bosses and demi-bosses emblem drops. As long as you get a chance to have even if tier 1 mysterious emblems, you will be stronger and powerful.


How can you buy OSRS gold via credit cards?

Since you have seen all these amazing rewards of the New Bounty Hunter, you are likely to be engaged in getting some of them or all or them. Therefore, a well-prepared stock of safe RS 07 gold should be what you are looking for. Fortunately, you can now buy OSRS gold fast and safely on RS3HOT, via the payment of credit cards. We would like to list the steps that you use credits cards via Paypal as an example:

Step 1: Enter your credit/ debit card details.


Step 2: Review your information.


Step 3: Payment completed.


So easy, isn’t it. You can learned the details with specific pics attached at RS3HOT


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