Rs3hot:Lodestone Network Improvements Suggestions For RuneScape
we all know, the Lodestone Network is a teleportation system that permits travel to various locations across Gielinor via the Home Teleport spell. Along with sufficient rs gold, you will be able to visit runescape freely. This system can be much more useful by following some improvements suggestions came out from an rs player.

Suggestion 1 - More Requirements

The first suggestion is that all lodestones should have a set requirement, or requirements, based on the players' magic level. For example, the Lumbridge lodestone would require a magic level of 1 to activate, and the other lodestones requiring different, higher levels in order to power them up.

Suggestion 2 – Another New Requirement

The second suggestion is that there should be another requirement in order to activate each lodestone. For example, needing to search the nearby area for "lodestone crystals" that are required to power the lodestone, or having to find a nearby wizard and save them from a monster in order for them to fix the lodestone. 
This may result in the lodestone system actually requiring more effort to activate, and only players that bothered putting a bit more time into activating the system would be able to activate it. In addition to this, it might be worthwhile to add a "rune cost" in order to power the lodestone up. This would work in the same way as powering a PoH portal.

Suggestion 3 - Create the Lodestones

Lorewise, Lodestones cannot have existed from the dawn of time, since teleportation magic was only discovered relatively recently. Hence, you should have to build the lodestones yourself - eg. requiring Special, arcane materials (from a wizard), and a construction level for each lodestone corresponding to the required magic level in suggestion 1. I feel that this would make the Lodestone system correspond to existing lore far more.

There are players who suggest making the lodestone "degrade" with uses and having to use runes to add more charges for making runes a bit more useful. Is there anything you want to add? Pay attention to Rs3hot Facebook Page, since there will be more opinions from various players and you are also welcome to post ideas there. Be ready with a batch of rs gold to enjoy the game better!


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