Rs3hot:Want PK With Us,Let's Enter the Wilderness on Bounty Hunter World.



Get ready, everyone? It's time to head into the wilderness on Bounty Hunter world to take on the biggest challenge PvP. You can now hunt down your target and claim your reward. By the way, have you already prepared enough RS 2007 gold?


Things you better know before killing your target:



1. Locking a target: the moment you enter into the wilderness, the Bounty Hunter system will track down a player. The target you are looking for and yourself, both will be seen as targets.


2. Getting your hint: when you are assigned a target, you will get a hint, whose color changes depending on how far away your target is and helps you track down them.


3. Your target forfeited: Jagex will forfeit your target if you leave the wilderness for two minutes or log out for any period of time. Meanwhile, forfeiting too many times will incur a penalty and even result in a lot of time for receiving a new target.


4. Buying 07RS gold: before entering into the wilderness, if you noticed that your gold for gaming is not sufficient, you can come to buy 2007 RS gold from rs3hot safely. In case, a sudden pause in Bounty Hunter may spoil your achievements of targets.


Battle against your target face-to-face:

When you are faced with your target with the task of killing them, you really need run fast to get them. More importantly, you should always remember that you are also your target’s target. If your duel ends up with your victory, you get the exciting chance to receive tiers of emblem. Your first target kill grants you with the lowest tier. It’s a long way, but you can really get a lot bounties if you are receiving 10 tier. Below listed the value of emblems:


Tier 1 = 50,000 bounties

Tier 2 = 100,000 bounties

Tier 3 = 200,000 bounties

Tier 4 = 400,000 bounties

Tier 5 = 750,000 bounties

Tier 6 = 1,200,000 bounties

Tier 7 = 1,750,000 bounties

Tier 8 = 2,500,000 bounties

Tier 9 = 3,500,000 bounties

Tier 10 = 5,000,000 bounties


Of course holding emblems are always risked, so you can exchange for bounties according to above list. Meanwhile, rs3hot facebook looks forward to your participation on listing more rewards of this event. Have fun with Bounty Hunter!


The Rs3hot Team

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