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July is here, everybody. Did you have any plan for old school rs yet? Jagex has already prepared a bunch of things for you in previous. Come to see what will be coming up in July, and what are you interested in. Then, prepare sufficient osrs gold to get ready with the whole fun July!

OSRS clan cup registration will be coming soon


As they have said about osrs clan cup last week, based on your feedback, the brand new old school clan cup has now prepared, and registration will be opened up on July 7th with the first events taking place on July 14th.

There will be a total of 12 cups for clans to take part in and the winners will become permanent fixtures in the landscape of Old School. Be ready!


A series of poll in OSRS are waiting for your decision

Artisan skill poll: As a new skill, the Artisan skill has been refined to a point which is ready to be polled. A little later on in the month, you will be the one to deicide. 

New pets poll: If you are a fan of the pet chaos elemental, you will have an opportunity to take a vote about whether or not you want to see new, boss monster pets in old school. 

Graphical reworks poll: If you have ever felt like the Odium ward, Malediction ward or Dragon pickaxe aren't fancy enough, July is the month for you. You can decide whether some in-game items needs to be reworded or not.


Be the master of OSRS by joining in-game polls

Jagex would love to make a huge update for old school rs according to your feedback, and you would be the master of old school to decide the future of the game. 

Towards the end of July, there will be an in-game polls will make you aware of the impact that you can have, and will make sure that everyone of you can have your say.


Jagex is ready for July, and you? To enjoy a better old school rs in July, be ready with sufficient cheap rs07 gold. RSorder can always promise you with the safest service and the fastest delivery. Start your journey right now!




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