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Introduction: For a start I recommend you buy rs3 gold / buy 2007 gold,You need to have some starter cash before you can use the guide 

Part One – What To Flip

The first question people ask is – What is a good item to flip on Runescape? What is a good F2P Item? What is a good P2P item that makes millions of GP?Everyone who first joins Runescape expects to be able to make tons of money fast – and it’s important to know that Fipping doesn’t work that way… at firstIt’s just not a good idea to google what to flip and a worse idea to listen to what people tell you to flip in Runescape, most of them are just trying to get a quick buck off you.It’s true, of course, that you need to find something to flip – but you need to know how to find them, and how to test them – by YOURSELF!The reason you need to learn to do it on your own is because the best items to flip changes from day to day – and even from minute to minute! If there are several people flipping the same item – soon the trading range get smaller and becomes unprofitable as each person slowly undercuts the current prices.

Finding An Item To Flip

My good friend made a video on Youtube awhile back that demonstrated a method for finding the correct day to flip any given item.Remember, its suggested to have at-least 10M before continuing with this guide. You can buy cheap rs 3 gold here.Look for an item that is diminished in price four or five days in a row, and with the last Grand Exchange Update, the prices went up slightly… Those few days of prices create a shape that looks like a Hockey Stick.

This item, on this day, can be VERY VERY profitable to flip.For a short period of time, the trading price range is larger than usual because everyone doesn’t know about the prices. Some people still think it’s going to keep going down, and they are just glad to dump their stuff below market price – while other people are sure the prices will go way up on the next G.E. update, and they are willing to buy above the market price.

Here’s the strategy: Go to the G.E. and look until you find 5 or 6 good candidates that are making a clear Hockey Stick Pattern. You’ll need several items because next you are going to test each one to see which items are the best to flip and make money off of.

Part Two – How To Flip

Making Money by Flipping on the Grand Exchange is by far, the most fun, and most exciting part of Runescape – aside from Pking in the Wilderness… or Staking in the Dueling Arena.Another Merchanter friend of mine, Merchantersxs, produced a video that reveals a GENIUS method for finding the exact price range that any item is trading for at any given time.It is genius because of it’s simplicity. I had to watch his video several times before it really struck home. Since that time, my Runescape Flipping success has changed from hit-and-miss, to profitable every single time!

Here is exactly what you need to do:

Step 1 – go to the Grand Exchange and buy one of your item at an insanely high price. It will buy instantly – and you will get some money back… write down the actual price it cost you.

Step 2 – now, sell that same item back to the G.E. at a ridiculously low price… write down the actual price it sold for.

These two numbers are the range that item is trading for at the current time!

Step 3 – Now, you place your buy order for the lower of the two prices… wait for your order to fill… the items should trickle in. If not, bump up your buy price a wee tiny bit – wait and watch.

Step 4 – As you start getting some items, keep the buy order going, but remove the items you have purchased… and set them to sell at the high price you wrote down in Step 1. Adjust the price down a little if nothing is selling after several minutes.

Step 5 – repeat Step 3 and Step 4.

Step 6 – Come and tell us about your profits and show me your wealth!!

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