RS3HOT:Guides about How to Defeat the RS Monster Glacor Easily


As a great fan of RuneScape.Have you ever completed the fourth master quest Ritual of the MahjarratWould? Would you like to know how to defeat the RS monster Glacor easily? Today, will provide you a brief guide about how to defeat the Glacor successfully. Hope this guide can help you to achieve your big win in fighting with Glacor.



Glacor is a powerful ice elementals who lives in Glacor Cave. It is a quite dangerous monster because of it has a combat level of 160. However, it has some considerable exclusive drops, such steadfast boots, glaiven boots, ragefire boots, and shards of armadyl that can be used to make Armadyl runes or the Armadyl battlestaff. They can also drop large amount of crimson charms and blue charms.


How to kill Glacor

1. Use your fairy ring to reach the Glacor Cave. The code is dkq.

2. You needn’t to bring too much things with you except the prayer potions. Use your best fire spell and soul split.

3. Try your best to avoid his icicle attack and at the same time, use your Combust, Concentrated Blast, and Asphyxiate to hit 50% of his HP.

4. With 50% HP, he will spawn 3 babies

5. You need to kill the sapping one first since it will drain your prayer.

6. Kill the enduring second because of its high defence.

7. Then comes to the last one—unstable glacyte.

8. Glacor will become the last one you kill. Use your Asphyxiate to attack him.


Things Should be Noticed

1. Keep your eye on the main Glacor when kill the babies.Try your best to avoid his attack.

2. Lure the babies around if you have any trouble about tanking the main Glacor.    

3. It is much better if you can summon the bunyip.

4. Take alch runes with you.   


Above all are the main strategies and some aspects you should notice about killing the Glacor. Hope this guide can help you to defeat the Glacor and obtain the rewards which can only dropped by them.Have Fun!


The RS3HOT Team

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