RS3HOT:Shadow Drake and Fire Drake Are Avaliable in Solomon's Roster of Legendary Pets

Shadow drake and fire drake are avaliable in Solomon's roster of legendary pets!Like all legendary pets – have three stages of growth, plus emotes and a load of useful abilities.The shadow drake is available for a limited time only, so it's sure to become a rare sight

On top of this, Solomon's reduced the price of legendary pets – the exclusive shadow drake excepted. Pet collectors rejoice!If you need more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds on RS3HOT.we will strive to help you anything in the game!


Some Improvements for Legendary Pet 


To accompany the release of the two drakes, we've revamped the way that legendary pets work.

Legendary pets can now have up to three abilities active at one time. These are equipped in slots, which are unlocked as your pet reaches new growth stages.

Six new abilities are available for you to equip on your legendary pets:

Slayer finisher: your pet will automatically finish off slayer monsters that usually require an item, saving you an inventory slot.

Item repair: once per hour, you can use a repairable degrading item on your pet to repair it immediately. This works – and costs – the same as using the POH armour stand.

Beast of Burden: use a beast of burden familiar pouch on your pet to grant it the according level of BoB capacity. You must have the necessary Summoning level to use the pouch, and you can use more pouches to stack or renew the duration up to 2 hours.

High Alchemy: once per 10 minutes, use an item on your pet to convert it to coins, as per the High Alchemy spell. This requires no runes, and gives no Magic XP. Requires 55 Magic.

Fertiliser: every hour,your pet will answer the call of nature.The results – only viewable to you – can be picked up for six buckets of super compost.

Life Saver: your pet will save you from death, as per a ring of life. Note that this does not work in PvP areas and has a two-hour cooldown (logged-in time).


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