RS3HOT:The Details About Permanent F2P in RuneScape
The Runescape Team closed the permanent F2P & Membership Bonds poll yesterday. Permanent F2P and Membership Bonds have passed comfortably with 85.9% approval.
As mentioned in previous newsposts, permanent F2P will open on Thursday 19th February. The release of Membership Bonds will follow this at some point in March.
Some F2P Restrictions in Runescape 
Some restrictions to F2P once it is released permanently in order to cut down on the number of bots farming F2P resources. Since the initial F2P proposal the runescape team have refined some of these restrictions to make sure that legitimate players get the most out of their experience of F2P.
New account restrictions
For the first 24 hours of in-game time on a newly made F2P account players will not be able to trade items off their account. They can still receive items but they cannot trade their items away.
This restriction will also apply outside of trading to prevent other methods of transferring items:
1 If the player drops an item manually, the item is visible only to them. It does not ever become visible to other players.
2 If the player dies to a PKer, their dropped items vanish and cannot be retrieved by anyone.
3 The player cannot add items to a Trade offer or Duel offer. When the trade screen opens a message on the screen will tell the player how long it will be until they can offer items. Their trading partner will see a similar message.
Having this limit in place will give us the ability to catch bots before they are ever able to get resources off their accounts while only preventing players from trading in the period of game time where they are least likely to do so.
If you have ever been a member this restriction will not apply to you.
Duel Arena limits
To accompany the above limits on trade we are also adding some restrictions to the Duel Arena on F2P worlds:
1 The only item that can be staked is coins.
2 No more than 1,000,000 coins may be staked.
Chat restrictions
Some changes that allow us to better detect and silence spam bots. Players found to be flooding the public chat channel and not using autochat will be dealt with far more quickly and will be temporarily muted in no time.
This will apply in both members and F2P, helping clean up the streets of Lumbridge for new players.
The RS3HOT Team

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