Rs3hot:A RuneScape Guide to F2p Range Combat

This guide will educate and inform you of how to effectively train your RuneScape character in range. Published by angus and lawrance

Introduction to Ranging
Ranged Combat is the style of combat which allows you to attack enemies from a safe distance with projectiles (arrows in our case). Range combat is most effective against magic and weak against melee.

For F2P players, there are two ways of obtaining range exp. Using a crossbow or a bow to attack. Generally, a bow is used as the crossbow has a slower attack rate and there are no upgrades.

Attack styles
Range combat has three styles of attacking: Accurate, Rapid and Long-range. This is how much exp you gain with each style…

Attack Style: Accurate
Damage: 1
Range exp: 4
Defence exp: 0
Hp exp: 1.33
Attack Style: Rapid
Damage: 1
Range exp: 4
Defence exp: 0
Hp exp: 1.33
Attack Style: Long-range
Damage: 1
Range exp: 2
Defence exp: 2
Hp exp: 1.33
The Rapid attack style will fire projectiles the fastest, while accurate and Long-range attack more slowly. The Accurate attack style shoots slower, but usually grants higher damage. It is recommended that players train using the Rapid attack style. This will give a high rate of experience, but will use a greater number of projectiles compared to the accurate style. Long-range allows rangers to attack from an increased distance at the cost of an even slower attack rate, and offers increased Defence experience, with reduced ranged experience.

Because of the limitations of playing F2P, armour choices are limited so the best ranging armour a F2P ranger can use is a Green d’hide coif, Green d’hide body, Green d’hide chaps, Maple short bow, Green d’hide vambraces, Amulet of Power

Your defence and your ranging level should remain fairly similar for some time, but after level 40 range/def your ranging level can go a few levels ahead.

Always use the best range armour you can allow. I tend to use steel arrows for training and adamant arrows for people killing (PKing).

Level 3-19 cows – Lumbridge Meadow
Level 20-39 Minotaurs – Stronghold of security Level 1
Level 40-49 Flesh Crawlers and Zombies– Stronghold of security level 2
Level 50-59 Moss giants – Varrock Sewers
Level60-99 Ice Giants – South of Port Sarim

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