Rs3hot:Araxxor Boss, An upcoming spider boss, Will cause the Price Increase of RS Gold.


As we have waiting for such a long time, Araxxor boss is finally going to meet with us. According to Jagex, Araxxor is going to arrive the week after next with a bunch of drops for you. There is no doubt that a new releasing can influence many things in runescape, such as Legacy Mode. Well, Araxxor is certainly no exception. Do you think the release of Araxxor will cause the increase of runescape gold?


How to fight Araxxor in runescape?

One of Araxxor's attacks include the spider engulfing the player in a cocoon, dealing rapid damage (around 175-200 per tick) until the player is able to free themselves. 

For fighting against it, you may able to burn a web to cause Araxxor to run away, which also causes spiders to run away from the player. However, this does random damage and has an unknown effect yet. Beside, Araxxor can also have minions aid it in its battle against the players in rs.

Therefore, since Araxxor is allowed to fight alone or with a friend, you are suggested to join the fight with your friends.


What drops can you get by fighting Araxxor in runescape?

This new boss can drop some truly awe-inspiring loot, including new level 90 two-handed weapons, one for each combat style, which will be dropped in parts, along with a new pet.

Excited? Also, do you know that Araxxor even has 23 various mechanics, which is much more than Vorago's. You will be able to find it in deepest, darkest Morytania.


Will the release of Araxxor causes the price increase of RS gold?

Each of the little updates in runescape can make a huge change, let alone Araxxor boss, which we have been waited for months. 

As we can see, the drops from Araxxor are really attractive, which means the boss will be really difficult to defeat. Based on that, lots of players will start right now to get themselves ready with sufficient runescape gold. Based on a large number of demands, will the price of rs gold increased?


Obviously, it’s now hard to say whether the release of Araxxor in runescape will cause the price increase of rs gold, but it’s always better to prepare in advance. Besides, we can now offer you an extra coupon especially for runescape 3 gold. What are you waiting for? Preparing sufficient rs gold to get ready for Araxxor!


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