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Good news, everyone! Your longing Runescape capes are now available in game. If you want to show your friends that you are now proceeding from level 99 to maxed, why not just wear an amazing Expert SkillCapes? For honor and for splendor, an Expert SkillCape is just what you need right now.


What are the Expert SkillCapes?

Expert SkillCapes are capes which are made by Courtesy of the Ninja Team with their impressive lethal needlework, and are special in spectacular shoulder-huggers. As a whole, these capes are classified into four varieties for showing your expertise in their linked skills. Now catch a glimpse of these Expert SkillCapes and also see the linked skills in each variety.




Artisan’s cape: Cooking; Construction; Crafting; Firemaking; Fletching; Herblore; Runecrafting; Smithing.

Combatant’s Cape: Attack; Construction; Defence; Magic; Prayer; Ranged; Strength; Summoning.

Gatherer’s cape: Divination; Farming; Fishing; Hunter; Mining; Woodcutting.

Support Cape: Agility; Dungeoneering; Slayer; Thieving.


How can you get an Expert SkillCape?

1. Training the above skills at level 99.

2. Have a shard for the cape’s skill you like.

3. Combine the shard and the related cape skill.


Why not show us your amazing cape via Rs3hot Facebook?

Afterwards, you get the splendid Expert SkillCapes. Why not wear it instantly? So expected to see your new appearance with this amazing SkillCape, if you want to share with us,Rs3hot Facebook looks forward to your screenshot.


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