Rs3hot:Lucky Clover Necklace For Everyone To Unlock Treasure Hunter Chest


re you ready to win some awesome, rare prizes on  runescape ? Well, your chance is now coming. From now on, you can unlock a Treasure Hunter chest on runescape for a chance to win one of the lucky clover necklaces. Come to join it right now, as the chance will be expired at 00:59 BST on the 15th of July.


What can you get from rs treasure hunter recently?

You are able to win two types of necklace - the shiny lucky clover necklace and the sparkling lucky clover necklace, and each necklace will be made from either a two-leaf, three-leaf, or four-leaf clover.

All six varieties of necklaces share a main drop table, which includes magic notepaper, Silverhawk feathers, a rare chance to win 10 million rs coins, and even more. Besides, the shiny and sparkling necklace types have their own rare drops as well. 

The shiny necklaces can be got from 01:00 BST on 4th July to 00:59 BST on 10th July on runescape treasure hunter. Also, the sparkling necklaces can be got from 01:00 BST on 10th July and 00:59 on 15th July.


What prizes can you win from lucky clover necklaces on runescape?

For every 10 minutes of skilling or combat, the necklace can give you a chance to win a prize. That's 2.5%, 10% or 25% for the two, three and four-leaf varieties, respectively. Also, even though you don't win a prize, you'll still get a small cash bag.

On the one hand, shiny lucky cover necklaces can net you some amazing rare prizes, including S’quirks the Parrot, huge prismatic stars, lucky divine spirit shields and lucky Saradomin Godswords!

On the other hand, sparkling lucky clover necklaces can give their own awesome rare loot too, including Silverhawk boots, lucky Armadyl armour, Skully, and the serpentine two-handed crossbow.


A bunch of rewards are now waiting for you. Seize the day before 00:59 BST on the 15th of July to win as more prizes as you can. Don’t forget RSorder Triple Reward Points will be started at 03:00 AM on July 28, 2014 GMT, and each 100 reward points can be used as $1 on RSorder. Mark the date!


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