Rs3hot:Player’s Real Experience Show You Easy Way to Completely Kill Araxxor in RuneScape


Since the release of the Araxxor in runescape, there are lots of players have tried it already. However, a stable of players were died before Araxxor. Well, a great way can be really helpful. Here is a short guide from a player's real experience for people who have Araxxor's mechanics down but can't seem to complete a kill.


Get ready with your weapons before take a risk in runescape

Gear: Full sea singer, chaotic staff, god cape, steam ammy, gloves, boots, ring of vigour, any useful aura, any useful scrimshaw

Inven: 1 overload flask, 1 pray renew flask, 1 antipoison(+++++) flask, 1 adrenaline flask, 4 sup rests, rest brew

Yak: 16 brew, 4 rest, 10 rocks (rocks on bottom of yak)

Note that you can go more rocktail heavy if you haven't killed that many arraxors today.


4 phases to kill Araxxor in runescape

Phase 1: Burn web before spider spawns. Remember to use anticipate and your thresholds whenever you can. Kill the boss to 0lp before moving onto next phase. Use brews only when boss is healing or as emergency.

Phase 2: Keep using thresholds and anticipate. 4 waves of minions will spawn. The first 3 will have the mirror/healer bug. Kill these first. The sunshine ultimate is really good here if you can get it under the boss. Kill it to 0 lp and move on.

Phase 3: Same as phase 1, but watch out for the suicide bombers. When he gets near 0lp, stop killing him and lure all acid spiders to him at once. Then kill all the way. 

Phase 4: Use revolution. You should have a full yak at this phase still. Pray between range and mage while drinking brews. Remember to anticipate and use thresholds as you can. When Araxxor gets to 25% the acid blob comes out. Switch to walk. Let him hit you once and walk away 1 square. Repeat while eating rocktails/pray switching until araxxor is dead.


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