Rs3hot:Robber or Guard in Heist for Winning Great Rewards on RS

Heist, your expected minigame, is now finally coming! It's time to gather your friends and teammates to have some real fun. If fun isn't challenging you, then what about some great rewards? No matter robber or guard, you will be able to receive some reward points for winning. Check out some details here and start your game right now!

How to play Heist?

Heist is a multiplayer minigame for members only. There are two characters for you to choose – robber and guard. As you can say, the duty of robbers is to steal bags of loot from the bank, while obviously the guards' duty is to stop them. 
Firstly, you need to go to the north of Falador for entering in the lobby area. Once you are in the lobby area, it's time to make your decision. If you are choosing to be a guard, you can head north to queue. Conversely, if you are choosing to be a robber, you can head south to queue. 
Secondly, each side will have the right to contact with the leaders – Sir Vyvin or Liara for getting more information, browse rewards or try out the tutorial. 
At last, when the game started, you and your team need to cooperate for winning. Robbers can take advantage of any NPC on the map to adopt their appearance as a disguise. Also, guards have the ability to accuse anyone on the map whom they believe to be a robber.

How to win Heist?

As for robbers, when they deposit twice as many bags of loot as there are members of their team, they win. And for guards, once every robber is turned into a guard, guards win. Meanwhile, there is also a time limit. If 20 minutes passed but robbers do not succeed, then the system will be defaulted as guards win.

What rewards can you get?

There are separate reward points as a robber or guard. You are able to use those points to buy certain perks for helping you in the game.
Moreover, Hunter bonus experience can be bought with guard reward points, and Thieving bonus experience can be bought with robber reward points.

What are you waiting for? Come to enjoy the game with your friends right now! Every game of Heist is different which means you are able to enjoy all kinds of Heist on runescape. If you need some cheap runescape gold for playing the game, you know where to find them. Come to try it out!

~ The Rs3hot Team

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